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Summer (with Cameron) is out first. Emma comes out second, donning some fierce new attire! Along with her new gear she isn’t as bubbly and upbeat as she typically is. Emma is ready to go right of the bat, but Summer decides to taunt and poke fun at Emma’s dancing — not once, but twice. Emma slaps Summer and executes a drop toehold followed by bashing Summer’s head into the mat. Summer sits up and Emma kicks Summer in the face. She runs towards the ropes but Cameron tries to grab a hold of Emma’s boots. Causing a distraction, Summer garners the upper hand and hits Emma with a spinning heel kick, then gets Emma in a hold. Summer goes for a pin attempt but Emma kicks out at two. Summer puts Emma in the same hold, but Emma counters by executing a facebuster. Emma scurries to the corner but Summer isn’t too far behind – however, the Australian diva hits Summer with a kick to the face, followed by a series of clotheslines, and throws Summer into the corner and executes the DilEMMA. Emma then hits the EMMA Sandwich and tries to go for the EMMA lock, but Cameron causes a distraction. Emma goes the corner to shoo Cameron away; Cameron utters “Girl, bye” and whips out her mirror to admire her beauty. Emma takes advantage of a distracted Cameron and hits a vicious looking double drop kick through the ropes! However, this scuffle gave Summer the advantage to go for a roll-up and Emma was pinned.

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Emma joins her friend, Bayley, backstage. Seems as though Emma’s wanting to give Bayley another pep-talk, starting things off by saying, “I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.” Bayley is confused so Emma explained what she means, stating that Bayley is too nice and the NXT Universe fooled Emma and that being nice would not get Bayley to where she wants to be. Just as Emma is set to leave, Bayley tells Emma that the Australian diva is wrong and that the NXT Universe helped Bayley get to where she was and that they’re the reason Bayley got two shots on the NXT Women’s Championship. Before Bayley could say anymore… Emma slaps Bayley and leaves, leaving her “friend” looking shocked and sad! Whoa!

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 Prior to Paige vs Brie Bella, a vignette aired with a few select WWE Divas weighing in on AJ Lee and Paige vs The Bella Twins at WrestleMania. Of the girls featured was none other than our girl Emma! Is Emma on #TeamPaiJ or apart of the #BellaArmy? View the video below!

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Backstage, Bayley wishes Charlotte good luck in her match tonight against Sasha Banks. Charlotte assures Bayley that she doesn’t need luck but Sasha is the one that needs and she leaves. Emma shows up and doesn’t want to use the bubble machine with Bayley. Emma brings up the fact that Bayley should’ve been in this main event match but isn’t because she lost at Takeover. The bubbly Australian then talks about Bayley’s hugging and niceness, and Emma says she did the same thing on Raw and it got her nowhere and that’s why she’s back in NXT. Emma leaves Bayley standing there looking sad.

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Paige began with Brie Bella. Paige got an advantage with a gut kick and headbutt. she yelled “this is my house!” at Nikki. Emma got tagged in hit some strikes and got a two count. Brie came back and brought Emma to her corner to tag Nikki. Nikki hit a shoulderblock for a kicked out pin. Emma came back with some forearms and hit a jumping clothesline for a two count of her own.

Nikki tried to whip Emma but Emma came back and eventually locked in the Dill-Emma Tranchula. Nikki came back with a arm drag into an armbar. Brie tagged in and hit an axe handle on Emma. Brie then started some chain arm locks on Emma leading to an armbar on the ground. Paige tried to rally Emma up. Brie continued her onslaught and got a pin attempt in. Nikki tagged into the contest and they double teamed Emma for a pin attempt. The Bellas isolated Emma away from Paige as they traded tags. Emma managed to turn the tables by whipping the Bellas into each other. Paige got the tag and worked many clotheslines on Brie. Paige then hit a superkick into a PTO attempt which Brie blocked. Emma got the blind tag and got a flying crossbody for a pin broken up by Nikki. Paige took out Nikki bella. Brie managed to hit the X Factor for the 1-2-3 for the Bellas…

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The Bella Twins’ admiration for the NXT women’s division apparently does not extend to taking it easy against two of its most prestigious alumnae: Paige & Emma. The duo, who battled for the NXT Women’s Championship at the very first ArRIVAL pay-per-view, couldn’t get the job done when they combined their strength against the main roster’s resident mean girls. There wasn’t even a match to speak of, really. Brie knocked Paige off the apron and pinned Emma with a facebuster. When Paige stormed the ring for payback, she was dealt with quickly. Better luck next time.

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