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Preluding the match, we get a promo with Team Disingenuous. Dana pretty much says that she’ll be sending Charlotte packing from NXT. But more importantly, she teases that she’s too busy to pat Devin on the head – only to do it anyway.

Charlotte’s decided to celebrate Throwback Thursday with us – as she’s donned her very first NXT outfit. It’s a rather nice touch, considering she’s bidding farewell to that brand soon. Dana gets in Charlotte’s face to begin with, which leads to Charlotte flooring her with an early big boot. She drops a couple of knees and even removes her pad for the third one. Emma distracts her, allowing Dana to take a cheap shot. Charlotte comes back with a shoulder block – but Dana sends her flying into the corner. She covers Charlotte for two and then puts on a body scissors. Charlotte powers up but Dana body blocks her for two. She chokes Charlotte off the ropes and then slingshots her into the bottom one. She now applies her modified bow and arrow submission, screaming abuse at Charlotte for her Tap-Out photo shoot. Charlotte creatively reverses into a pin and then dishes out the chops. Neckbreaker from Charlotte is followed by a spear. Emma tries to get up on the apron but Charlotte knocks her off and nails Dana with Natural Selection.

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After spending time on the sidelines due to a hand injury, Bayley squared off with Emma in the culmination of a program that began prior to the last Takeover special.

The NXT faithful erupted for the popular Diva’s return.

Emma stalled early, then attacked Bayley from behind to take control early.

Bayley fought back and smashed her opponent’s face in the turnbuckle, then delivered a running bulldog for two. Emma took advantage of Bayley’s injury, though, wrapping it around the ring post and working it over in an attempt to score the victory.

Bayley ought out of the straight jacket submission and delivered a spear into the corner, followed by a back elbow. A double clothesline spot put both Divas down.

Dana Brooke was caught interfering in the match and was ejected from ringside.

The Bayley-to-Belly suplex finished Emma off moments later.

Bayley said after the match that she is back to be the NXT Women’s champion and that she cannot do that without beating the best. Next, she wants a match with Charlotte.

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Emma (W/ Dana Brooke) vs. Carmella

Carmella applies a headlock, then a headscissors takedown, followed by a clothesline. Emma pulls the hair of Carmella, slamming her to the mat before applying a body scissors. Carmella fights back and hits a series of shoulder blocks before booting Emma in the head. Emma ends up applying the Emma Lock and Carmella has to tap.

Winner: Emma via submission (Emma Lock)

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Dana Brooke returned to the ring here, squaring off with Cassie (formerly KC Cassidy) in singles competition. Emma accompanied her to ringside.

Cassie showed energy early, stunning Dana with a near-fall and a headscissors. That was about it for the newcomer, though, as she was overwhelmed by her opponent’s superior strength.

Despite a brief flurry of offense from Cassie late, including a Thesz Press, it was Dana who scored the win off of a whiplash.

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WWE Superstars, Divas, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon pay tribute to WWE Hall of Famer, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, before Money in the Bank 2015.

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We join Emma and Layla mid-entrance, coming face to face with Naomi and Tamina, who are already in the ring. Emma and Naomi start things off as Jimmy talks about supporting his wife in anything and everything. Naomi sends Emma across the ring.

Both Divas square off again, Emma taking control with a side headlock. Naomi takes back control by grabbing a fistful of Emma’s hair and pulling her into a side headlock of her own. Emma shoves Naomi off into the ropes, but is knocked straight down by Naomi on the return. Naomi does a little celebratory dance before running the ropes. She tries to leap over Emma, but is tripped up.

Emma takes down Naomi with a few clotheslines before tossing her into the corner and locking in the DilEmma. When she’s forced to break the hold, she shoves Naomi away and plants her with a dropkick to the chest. She tries to go for a pin, but Naomi rolls away and out of the ring.

Tamina goes to check on Naomi as Emma tags in Layla. The referee, distracted by Naomi and Tamina, doesn’t see this, so the babyface duo then takes out the heels with tandem baseball slides. With the referee again paying attention, Emma tags in Layla.

Layla patiently waits for Naomi to reenter the ring, getting the fans started with a clap chant. Naomi climbs back in and immediately takes control, kicking Layla in the midsection and delivering some rough forearms. She tosses Layla into the corner, kicks her a few times and tags in Tamina.

Tamina whips Layla into the ropes, but her subsequent arm drag is reversed into a pin by Layla. Tamina kicks out and is quick to get back on her feet, but Layla keeps her at bay with a series of kicks. Tamina stops the onslaught with a punch to the stomach and whips Layla into the corner. Layla catches herself and stops Tamina’s charge with a kick, leaping onto the second rope and catapulting herself backwards with a crossbody. She goes for the pin, but Tamina kicks out after the one-count.

Layla tries to whip Tamina into the ropes, but Tamina merely pulls back, hoisting her up onto her shoulders. She takes down Layla with a Samoan drop. Layla rolls – unwisely – right to Naomi’s feet. Tamina pulls her up and sends her into the corner before tagging Naomi back in. Naomi runs the ropes and charges towards the seated Layla, blasting her backwards with a low clothesline. She covers Layla, who kicks out at two.

Naomi captures Layla in a front facelock as the crowd starts to get behind her. Layla, determined to get to her corner, starts to battle back, but when she frees herself and tries to run the ropes, Naomi stops her with a blow to the chest. Naomi catches Layla in a full nelson and plants her down, right on her tailbone. She goes for another pin, this time by simply stepping on Layla. Layla kicks out, but Naomi’s not too concerned. She tags in Tamina.

Tamina hits a body slam on Layla and, satisfied with the damage it did, goes for another. However, Layla slips out of her grip and dives through her legs, valiantly trying to make it to her corner to tag in Emma. Tamina stops her, though, hitting a double axehandle on her back. She drags Layla towards the center of the ring, but Layla kicks her away and tries to regain the ground she lost. Tamina’s back on her, though, and drags her towards her corner, tagging on Naomi.

Layla starts to crawl towards her corner, so Naomi simply takes out her destination, knocking Emma off the ring apron. Naomi grabs hold of Layla as Emma enters the ring, drawing the referee’s attention. Tamina slips into the ring and clocks Layla with a superkick. Naomi claims the spoils, covering Layla just as the referee turns back around. He counts the pin, awarding the victory to Naomi and Tamina.

Naomi and Tamina celebrate their win as Emma checks on Layla. Naomi concurs with her theme music, saying “I’m amazing!”

(Credit: Diva Dirt)

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