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Who Is Emma?
Name: Emma
Former Names: Tenille Tayla
Real Name: Tenille Dashwood
Age: 24
Birth Date: March 1st, 1989
Height: 5ft 5in
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Trained by: Lance Storm
Currently Signed With: WWE/NXT
Bio: Emma has made waves on the indie scene since 2008 including stints for ECCW and womens only promotion Shimmer Wrestling. Carving out a name for herself in womens wrestling she's worked through Australia and Canada extensively. She is now signed with the WWE and has recently debuted for WWE's developmental brand NXT where she is has swiftly become a fan favorite with her quirky dance moves and ring entrance. Welcome to the home of the leader of the #EMMAlution!

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Send Emma your Fanmail or care packages (she misses Tim Tams, people!!) to the following official address:

"Emma - NXT"
5055 Forsyth commerce road Orlando FL USA 32807

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WWE Diva’s championship #1 Contender Battle Royal

The bubbly one, Emma competed in a battle royal with 9 other divas for the chance to face Paige for the Diva’s Championship at Extreme Rules. Unfotunately Emma was eliminated by Nikki Bella thus, taking away a chance to see an NXT ArRIVAL Rematch at Extreme Rules.. but! there’s always next time..

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April 18th, 2014
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Santino and Emma vs Fandango and Layla

The Santino/Fandango rivalry continues this week but Emma’s ongoing rivalry with Summer Rae comes to and end but, you know what they say; as one door closes, another opens. Emma now faces a new challenge in Layla.

Emma suffered her first main roster loss this week as Fandango’s hips distracted Emma at ringside and as Santino took care of the distraction, Layla had enough time to capitalize and pick up the quick win.

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April 15th, 2014
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Fandango with Layla vs Santino with Emma

Thanks to the quick manueveres of the newest addition to the “‘Dango Family”, Layla. Santino suffered a loss to Fandango by a quick roll up.

Emma comforted Santino in ring after the match.

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April 14th, 2014
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Emma and Santino vs Summer Rae and Fandango

Much like their first encounter on RAW, Emma and Santino locked horns with their long time rivals Summer Rae and Fandango in a quick bout. The men started before fandango quickly retreats and Summer tags herself in. Bringing in the bubbly one, Emma!
Emma brings her usual EMMAtainment locking in the dilEMMA which leads to the EMMAmiteSandwich. Fandango and Santino go at it while Emma puts Summer Rae into the EMMAlock for the win.

Winner – Emma and Santino

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April 8th, 2014
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Emma participated in the Diva’s championship invitational and even managed to deliver a Wrestlmania sized dilEMMA showing the world just what the EMMAlution can bring. Unfortunately, Emma didn’t pick up the win and take home the championship as the opportunistic AJ Lee managed to make Naomi tap out to the black widow for the win

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April 7th, 2014
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IGN Australia managed to get a word with the bubbly one herself, asking all the tough questions including; her inspirations, NXT, transition to WWE and her Wrestlemania debut. Check out the full article in the link below.

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April 6th, 2014
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